Expert Witness Services

When you choose Dr. Kline as your medical expert witness, you will be in direct contact with him and his staff. Contacting the Doctor will be as easy as a telephone call or an e-mail. Scheduling is responsive to your needs and Dr. Kline will be available to you for conferences and testimony with 24 hours notice.

Dr. Kline and his staff at OC Eye Associates are eager to provide the best possible service to you.

Contact us to find out more about the experience and resources of Dr. Kline and how an exceptional member in the forensic medical legal community can help you as your personal ophthalmologic expert and medical legal consultant.


Dr. Kline provides the following services to the medical legal community on a regular basis. Please contact us for any additional requests for services that are not reflected in this list:

  • Ophthalmology Expert Witness
    Dr. Kline provides professional and expert witness services to the medical and legal communities.
  • Telephone Conference/Meetings
    You can schedule a telephone conference or meeting with Dr. Kline as often as needed to discuss your case. Here, any issues or concerns that may arise or strategies to prepare for depositions and courtroom testimony can also be discussed.
  • Independent Medical Exam
    In-depth and comprehensive ophthalmologic exam addressing the issues that are particular to your case.
  • Medical Legal Consulting Service
    Dr. Kline will work directly with you as your personal consultant from start until the end of your case without any added costs.
  • Medical Legal Record Review
    Dr. Kline personally reviews all the records that are associated with your case, providing detailed analysis and professional opinions.
  • Forensic Analysis and Reporting
    Dr. Kline prepares comprehensive report(s) that describe, analyze and support his opinions and conclusions. This can be delivered to you via e-mail, fax, overnight courier, or U.S. mail.
  • Expert Witness Testimony
    Dr. Kline can travel to testify where required, whether locally or nationally throughout the United States.
  • Certificate of Merit
    After initial review of your case, if Dr. Kline finds it to be meritorious; he can prepare a certificate of merit in support of your litigation.
  • Video Testimony
    Dr. Kline can also testify as your expert witness remotely via video conference.

We look forward to providing you with excellent service, please call us at 949 653 9500 or contact us to retain our services or to discuss any additional services that you may require.

Signed, Dr. Daniel C. Kline, MD
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